ATMA is a registered society of key stakeholders involved in agricultural activities for sustainable development in the district by integrating research-extension activities and decentralizing day to day management of Public Agricultural Technology System.


The Revised Scheme shall focus on the following key extension reforms as objectives of the Scheme:

  • Providing innovative, restructured and autonomous institutions at the state/district/ block level.
  • Encouraging multi-agency extension strategies involving Public/ Private Extension Service Providers.
  • Ensuring an integrated, broad-based extension delivery mechanism consistent with farming system approach.
  • Adopting group approach to extension in line with the identified needs and requirements of the farmers in the form of CIGs FIGs;
  • Facilitating convergence of programmes in planning, execution and implementation.
  • Addressing gender concerns by mobilizing farm women into groups and providing training to them.
  • Moving towards sustainability of extension services through beneficiary contribution.